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What do we do?

We envision a new beginning for the tech industry

The internet was created as a way to share and find information without borders, but due to the commercialisation of the internet, it's become a cesspool of hate speech, crime, fake news and the original mission of the internet has been lost. We believe that this can be fixed, and we believe that educating users is the best way to ensure online platforms grow and move forward. The real question is: "How do we educate users, and what does this mean?"

Apps like TikTok and Youtube shorts have misled young people about privacy and copyright law. Content on social media platforms is designed simply to engage more and more users. Big tech companies are capitalising on young users who lack the fundamental critical thinking skills to make their own decisions, and as a result, global platforms are engaging in a "dumbing down" process of our communities. For companies like Tik Tok and Facebook, this is essential because the more time people WASTE on social media, the more money they make

But what if online platforms can make money without relying on cliches, copyright infringements and outright safety problems? Because of the COVID pandemic, we've seen that there is an ability to learn and work "in the cloud", but as humans we also have a fundemental desire to "live in the real world". At Signal Kinetics, we believe we have the perfect solution to this issue

We understand that intelligence is decoupling from consciousness. What this means is that in terms of plain productivity, the body doing the work doesn't need to think, or even be alive. This simple theory poses a great many threats to mankind, but above all else it raises the question of purpose.

Signal Kinetics is building protocols that allow us to get rewarded for participating in both the online and "real" worlds. Playing a browser-based game or scrolling through social media won't be a waste of time if it can be gamified and educational. Thousands of companies have tried to gamify education, but they mostly fail because they come from an education background and don't understand digital natives. At Signal Kinetics, we build our platform tech-first, so that it's always engaging and attractive to the user

In short: We're building the future of digital and analogue communications and discovery


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Be what you would seem to be – or, if you’d like it put more simply – never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.


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